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Electrician’s Bible Description / Specifications

This is a republishing of Electrician Bible application, and the reason is that due to natural disaster I lost my developing computer with all the information on it. For that reason I cannot upload more software update to the existing (Electrician Bible) in Google play store.
Also some changes have been made to insure that the application comply with Google Play Terms of Service.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

You must be in android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or greater, and have an internet connection on your device.

A must have utility for electrician’s, electrical contractors or those looking to pass an electrical certification.
Calculations per National Electric Code 2014.
Calculations included:
Voltage Drop
-Circuit’s Conductors voltage drop.
-Minimum Conductor Size.
Pipe Bend
-Three bend saddles.
-Rolling Offset
-Detail Conduit Support.
Raceway calculations
-Raceway size calculation.
-Maximum number of same wire.
-Spacing for Conductor Supports.
-Conduit support.
-Conduit spacing.
-Cable tray calculation.
-Metric Trade size Designators.
-R90, RW75, TWN75,T90, TW, TW75, TWU, TWU75
-Conductor Ampacity, wire size.
-table 301.15(B)(16).
Box Fill
-Sizing outlet box.
-Sizing Pull box.
Load calculation (Residential)
-Single family.
-Range and dryer’s calculation.
-Service Feeder Conductors.
-Transformers Size.
-Transformers OCPD calculations.
-Transformers Short Circuit calculations.
-Delta-Wye transformers Calculations.
Motors calculations
-Motor OCPD calculations.
-Motor NEMA Starters calculation.
-Motor Locked Rotor Calculation.
Electrical schematics
– Delta-delta transformers.
– Delta-Wye transformers.
– Three way switch.
– Start/stop AC motor.
– 3 phase A.C. Motor Winding and Connections Wye
– 3 phase A.C. Motor Winding and Connections Delta
– Network cable wiring pin-out.
– Wye Start-Delta Run.
– Electrical Symbols
Burial Depth
-600v or less.
-Over 600v.
-Equipment Grounding
-Grounding Electrode Conductor.
NEMA Device Configurations.
Electrical Calculations.
-Formula Wheel.
-Power Triangle.
NEC Tables section.
Color Code.
-Resistors color code.
-Phase wire color code.
-Panel color code.
NEC Calculations Examples
2014 NEC Code Changes
Units Converter.
– Temperature.
– Energy.
– Length.
– AWG to millimeter.
– Watts to Lumens.
NFPA 70E Table 130.7 (C) (16).
Arc Flash Calculation.
Torque Specs for lugs and bolts.
– Squared D.
-more coming soon.

release version history:
( August 06, 2014
( June 15, 2014
( May 20, 2014
( May 10, 2014
( May 03, 2014
( April 20, 2014
( February 7, 2014
( January 18, 2014
( Dec 10, 2013
( Dec 4, 2013
(1.2.6) Dec 1, 2013
( Oct 8, 2013
( Aug 20, 2013
(1.2.5) Jul 14, 2013
( May 22, 2013
( May 1, 2013
( Apr 10, 2013
( Feb 5, 2013
National Electrical Code and “NEC” are registered trademarks of the NFPA

-And more coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.
If you like to report bugs or suggestions, please send them to [email protected]


Electrician’s Bible Electrician’s Bible Electrician’s Bible

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Electrician’s Bible

Electrician’s Bible

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Version: 2.0
Requires: Android 2.1 and up.
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Electrician’s Bible
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