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Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder 1.0 APK for Android

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Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder is a kind of Communication Apps for Android Phones and Tablets, manufactured by SingleTrac Apps. Appbalo provides Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder 1.0 APK free download.

Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder Description / Specifications

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous.
Many cars have the ability to read your text to you. But very few have the ability to RESPOND. Have you ever wished you had someone who could send back a quick text that told the sender you’d love to chat but it’s not safe while your driving?

Introducing Jeeves.

Jeeves is your personal texting assistant. He sits quietly in the background, waiting to act as your personal texting assistant. When he sees you are driving he quickly responds to the sender that you are currently driving and will respond when you can safely. He works with your stock messaging app, and others like textra, so no need to learn a lot of new settings. Just install him, and forget about him till your friends ooh and ahh!!

Jeeves, uses very few resources. He sleeps quietly on your phone, only waking by the combination of a BT connection, a speed >2MPH and an incoming SMS. Once awake he quickly does his job and then hits the snooze button again.

***for this reason GPS MUST BE ON FOR JEEVES TO FUNCTION ***

How to use JEEVES?
1. turn on GPS
2. pair your vehicle with your phone
3. install the program and choose ON
you will notice that the notification bar changes and now Jeeves shows he’s working with a small steering wheel icon
4. that’s it! Jeeves does all the rest.

Criteria for Jeeves to go to work:
1. connected to Bluetooth (car, boat, truck, headphones, keyboard etc)
2. Moving >2MPH
3. incoming SMS (not MMS).

Jeeves only works with these criteria so that he doesn’t wake up anytime you get a text. (annoying)
So Jeeves wants you to be moving fast enough you MIGHT be driving or at least doing something you probably shouldn’t be texting at that speed. The added bluetooth criteria helps ensure that your either in the car or running/cycling (using headphones) and probably would rather not be bothered.


Handcent confirmed working but GoSms has had spotty performance.-See info below

1. If for some reason Jeeves doesn’t wake up and respond, it’s usually because your GPS signal is weak, or GPS somehow got turned off. He only looks for 10 secs for your speed in order to preserve battery and not get fired from his job. He also monitors your speed closely, so if a text comes in while at a stop light, he may not respond if you are sitting still. (but let’s be honest, you use that time to check your phone anyway!)

2. Sometimes your phone gets blown-up with texts, and Jeeves feels the need to respond to every message. If Jeeves gets chatty (it’s lonely in your phone). He can easily be put to sleep by sliding down the notification bar and giving him the thumbs down. To turn him back on later, you simply give him the thumbs up.

3. If you’re the passenger in the car, & still connected to BT. You probably don’t want Jeeves doing all your texting. A quick thumbs down and your in control again. Just don’t forget to turn him back on later. He does get bored with nothing to do.

4. Handcent/GoSMS see pics above for changes to prefs to allow Jeeves to work with these apps. Handcent confirmed working but GoSms has spotty performance. GoSMS testers say they got it working but trial and error ordeal & GoSMS not willing to fix their issue.

Planned in future editions:
Custom phrases from Jeeves (make him your own)
Specify bluetooth connections Jeeves should monitor
New interface (current GUI is ugly)

** GPS isn’t the drain that it once was for android phones. GPS stays on but doesn’t poll until called by a program, using very little battery or resources. Jeeves does not call GPS unless BT is connected, and then only to detect movement & speed. After 10 seconds the GPS call is terminated. So, Jeeves will not poll GPS every time a text is received unless connected to a BT device at the time of SMS
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Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder

Download Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder for Android

Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder

Jeeves: My SMS Auto-responder

Category: Communication
Version: 1.0
Requires: Android 2.1 and up.
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Support: Android Phones & Tablet

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