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OnCall Pager Pro is a kind of Communication Apps for Android Phones and Tablets, manufactured by K&N Software. Appbalo provides OnCall Pager Pro 5.02 APK free download.

OnCall Pager Pro Description / Specifications

Works on latest Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Throw away your pager & monthly bills!! Allows Custom alerting for incoming text messages (SMS & MMS). Turn your phone into a pager, with received text messages!

– Doctors
– IT professionals
– Anyone wanting to customize text alerts from a certain sender

– Do you participate in an on call rotation where you get your pages via a text message? Hospital or IT professional?
– Need persistent reminders until you acknowledge the text from a certain someone or group?
– Need better control over sound alerts for text alerts?
– Need to silence alerts from a certain someone, area code, or email domain?
– Have a girlfriend or spouse that you can’t afford to miss a text from?
– Get text messages from your children that you cannot miss?

**Please test the free version first (OnCall Pager & Text Alerter) so that you know the features work fine with your phone and service provider

Pro Features:
– Pro version has several additional key features over the free version, to turn your phone into an ultra custom pager!
– Speak option – speaks out “New text Message” and says the sender if it can match it to one of the Contact phone # or email in your phone
– Specify the # of ‘rings’ for incoming text from default senders
– Specify the # of ‘rings’ for incoming text from a CustomContact match
– Specify a unique sound for incoming text from default senders
– Specify a unique sound for incoming text from texts that match a check
– Subject line MMS keyword exclusion(s), so you can ignore false alerts
– Subject line match ‘AfterHours’ so you don’t get sound alerts for keywords after hours
– Message body keyword match actions based on text message content
– Specify the Reminder interval for CustomContact match
– Ringer Profile override option for message match
– Get to support the Developer!

– Very light-weight application, tiny install
– Simple easy to user interface
– Supports SMS & MMS types of text messages, including MMS via email
– Reminder feature (persistent) for a keyword match for multiple senders
– Works great for scenarios where sender has different numbers each time (If your work for example sends texts from different numbers, but all begin with 712######, then just enter 712 as search string in ContactMatch to get a match
– Can enter search string to distinguish sender(s) (Contact # or email), then apply rules against (either email if coming via email, or phone # if coming via phone). Since it’s a search string you can use just a partial # such as an area code, or domain name from email, etc (Could set to get persistent reminders for all email MMS texts sent from your work, for example).
– CustomContacts show a red Notification icon, while all other texts show a green icon
– Select actions for text from custom sender: Ignore only this sender, Only alert for this sender, Alert for everyone
– Spam filter option – prevent alerts for numbers with 6 digits or less
– Select custom sounds
– In-app volume control seperate from other system volumes
– Vibrate option
– Notification LED: blinks green for default senders, red for a match
– Many other options

– Every phone and carrier is different, so make sure to test first!
– Disclaimer: Developer is NOT responsible for any missed texts!
– Within App, go into Menu Options to get Help or App info including versioning
– If you are having trouble with getting CustomContact to work, open a text from the sender you want to apply the rule to, select their message to get to message details or try to long press their actual message & click Details (differs on each phone). In there you should see the raw “From:” field. This is the field the app uses to search against for the CustomContact. Should be either a phone number or an email address.
– If you still can’t figure it out, please send the Developer an email, along with the Logs (Menu Options->Email Logs to Developer)

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OnCall Pager Pro OnCall Pager Pro OnCall Pager Pro

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OnCall Pager Pro

OnCall Pager Pro

Category: Communication
Version: 5.02
Requires: Android 2.1 and up.
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Support: Android Phones & Tablet

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