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SMS Sounds Plus 3.0.4 APK for Android

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SMS Sounds Plus is a kind of Communication Apps for Android Phones and Tablets, manufactured by EM. Appbalo provides SMS Sounds Plus 3.0.4 APK free download.

SMS Sounds Plus Description / Specifications

Allows you to assign custom ringtones, vibrations, and LED Colors* to each of your contacts whenever you receive a text or multimedia message (SMS or MMS)! This app is very small compared to the full service SMS applications. It will not bloat your phone as it is designed to be used in addition to the default messaging software on your phone. You can setup every contact with a different ringtone so you know exactly who is sending you a text message!

*Some phones do not allow the color of the LED light to be altered. We cannot guarantee this app will allow you to change its color.

Steps for using SMS Sounds:

1. Turn off the default ringtone in the Messaging app. Run the Messaging app. Click Menu > Settings > Select ringtone > Silent. If you can disable vibrations in the Messaging settings, we recommend you do that also as the app now features vibrations. If not, go to Settings > Sounds > Vibration > Never.

2. Tap the “+” and setup your contacts with their own custom notifications. You can edit them at any time by tapping on the contact in the home screen (be sure to click save before exiting the screen).

3. Tap the “s” and setup the default notification sounds you had to disable in step 1 for the app to work properly.


Q: Why does the ringtone keep playing until I answer it?

A: Some ringtone files are set to loop endlessly. You can check this when you are in the ringtone picker. Select a tone and if it continues to ring over and over, it will also loop when you receive an SMS. The best thing for you to do is create or pirate your own sound files that do not loop and set them for your contacts.

Q: Why am I unable to assign a contact group a tone?

A: We promote individualism and do not support group tones at this time.

Q: Why do I get two notifications for every SMS text I receive?

A: This common problem occurs when you have a notification tone set in the Messaging app you use. You will need to set the sound to silent by going into the Messaging app then click menu to go to the Settings > Select Ringtone > Set as Silent. Don’t ask me how to shut them off for other custom applications, I didn’t develop them and I certainly don’t recommend them!

Q: My ringtones stopped working!

A: Try restarting your phone or going into the app to uncheck and recheck the “Tones Enabled?” box.

Q: Why do you need all those permissions?

A: That is the only way the application can recognize who an incoming text is coming from and to determine if you have a ringtone assigned to that number. We absolutely do NOT collect contacts or message information!


SMS Sounds Plus SMS Sounds Plus SMS Sounds Plus

Download SMS Sounds Plus for Android

SMS Sounds Plus

SMS Sounds Plus

Category: Communication
Version: 3.0.4
Requires: Android 2.1 and up.
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Support: Android Phones & Tablet

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