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MLG Simulator is a kind of Action Game for Android Phones and Tablets, manufactured by Swallow's Tail. Appbalo provides MLG Simulator 1.3.420 APK free download.

MLG Simulator Description / Specifications

?Please read before downloading:

**Do NOT download this game if you are prone to epilepsy OR if you are easily offended OR if you hate memes. This game is most likely not for everyone and some people might even be offended. This game contains a high dose of spicy memes, be aware.**

lern how too bekome mlg int dis amasign ap u pley as snipar an schoot piople at rust avojd ilorminarty wook an spoder n cptn prince klimb teh liderbords plz daunlod an surbskribre too pjedewpi get rekt bye quickscopes n noscopes u tjeky noob int dis smoth 69 fp s expreince

?Additional information:

– Change map, sniper and more via the “settings” button.
– You can change and stop music in the menu via the Explorer logo and the Dorito.
– Find out what each killstreak do by clicking the “killstreak desc” button.

?What people say about MLG Simulator:

“Great banter” – Richard
“I tip le fedora” – Jack
“Very mature, very adult” – Ethan
“Tumbling” – Nan
“Sick wobs” – Sonny
“( ?° ?? ?°)” – ( ?° ?? ?°)

?Song info and credits:

Dubstep song in menu:
Virtual Riot – Energy Drink.

Other song in menu:
Eye Of The Spider – Itsoo1.

Sckrilx map song: Walk Home – Beginnings
RoyalTrax link:

All songs that wansn’t mentioned above:
MajorLeagueWobs – All Star MLW Trap Flip
MajorLeagueWobs – CAN CAN MLG
MajorLeagueWobs – The Michael Rosen Trap
MajorLeagueWobs – Green Trill Zone (Sonic remix)

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MLG Simulator MLG Simulator MLG Simulator

Download MLG Simulator for Android

MLG Simulator

MLG Simulator

Category: Action
Version: 1.3.420
Requires: Android 2.1 and up.
>>> Proceed to MLG Simulator APK Download Page <<<
Support: Android Phones & Tablet

Note: If any APK download infringes your copyright, please contact us, We'll delete it any way.

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