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  • Brain Game APK 12.0

    A Brain Game that reads your mind and will take you by surprise.Dr. Anu Sahni is co-writer of this app.Multiple Brain Games added for following:1. Brain Game2. Memory Game3. Color

  • Kids Touch Games free APK 1.16

    ★★★ Great app for kids on the phone or tablet. ★★★ The name speaks for itself. It's a lot of interesting games for young kids today who love to touch all their

  • Baby Zoo Piano APK 1.0.3

    Slacken cares of parenthood for a moment and get your child acquainted with piano music accompanied by sounds of various domestic animals. Entertain the young musician with an

  • Baby Abc APK 2.3.1

    Young babies have limited color vision. This baby game app was designed for young babies taking into account the baby's fragile mind. This App will give your baby an option to

  • Kids Piano Games FREE APK 1.8

    Teach your little one to learn how to find music keys and play pianoListen to traditional songs and get fun with fully animated and interactive cartoons.Help your child /